Brenna Twohy - “Fantastic Breasts and Where To Find Them” (NPS 2014)

"My sex cannot be packaged. My sex is magic. It is part of a bigger story. I am whole. I exist when you are not fucking me."

One of the most memorable poems we saw at the National Poetry Slam this year. Harry Potter, feminism, sex positivity.


*tries to play it cool by texting you 5 times about how much i like you*

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The look on his face in the 2nd pic tho lol


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*swirls chocolate milk in a wine glass*

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Body comparative #31 (1,2)

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  • liberal: um has this revolution been approved by the state?



my roommate and i are temporarily taking care of a Very Small Tiny Kitten that her aunt found in a boarded up shed and shes GONE and its just me in the house with the kitten and its Too Small i cant handle this





too small

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Johanna Tagada is a young French artist based in Berlin. An abstract painter and traveler, her work explores the worlds of fine art, textiles, drawings, publishing, and photography.

On a sad day, we wouldn’t mind living in one of her pieces. Her simultaneously bright yet restrained colour use is what keeps us coming back for more. Combined with beautiful forms and patterns, you can’t deny the pure sense of happiness and joy present within her work! 

Check out Johanna’s work on her blog, Instagram and empty your wallet on her online store, Bonjour Supermarket

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I may or may not be deliriously happy. Never entirely certain what I’m supposed to do with that.

my life is one big “wow ok”

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